THERMTRONICS INTERNATIONAL™ is affiliated with one of the most respected and trusted names in miniaturized thermal controls … Portage Electric Products, Inc. (PEPI™) Our mission is to offer a wide selection of mostly standardized thermal control devices at the fastest service possible.  Our products include both standardized versions of PEPI bimetallic thermal controls and a selection of the best thermal controls from other manufacturers worldwide.

Who you are doing business with
Our roots in the thermal control industry run deep.   As an outgrowth of Portage Electric Products, Inc., we have been built on the shoulders of three generations of electrical engineers who pioneered the use of bimetallic thermal controls in thousands of applications, including appliances, automotive, battery packs, heaters, industrial, lighting, motors, transformers, and many other products.

A global focus
We have been doing business around the world for many decades and are skilled at coordinating global shipments that must arrive at the right place and time.

A commitment to quality
We have developed an enviable reputation in a safety-oriented industry where there is no room for error.  We realize that our products are sometimes the only thing between safe operation or a dangerous malfuntion in our customers applicaitons.  All products are quality tested to insure reliabiltiy.

The thermal control experts
Our only business is distributing reliable and affordable thermal controls.   Our commitment to customer service ensures you will get the right product for your application at an affordable price and with an on time delivery.

We look forward to talking to you soon.